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The seamless, anatomical design of these Injinji socks offers a special combination of style and performance and therefore sit comfortably with any activity. The arch is perfectly supported, while the toes can move freely. The superior blend of light and moisture-regulating materials provide good moisture regulation, keeping feet dry, cool and blister-free. The versatile Injinji socks are designed to provide maximum wearing comfort and feel comfortable that you forget you're wearing socks. And that's how it's supposed to be!

Features Injinji socks

Thickness of the sock

  • Lightweight: Ultra-thin sock.
  • Original weight: Normal sock.
  • Midweight: Light cushioning in the sock.

Height of the sock

  • NS: Invisible sock comes to just below your ankle.
  • Micro: This sock comes down to your ankle.
  • MC: The sock covers your ankle.
  • Crew: Slightly higher sock that rises about 8 centimeters above your ankle.
  • Knee: Covers your entire calf and gets just below your knee.

Size chart Injinji

  • Size S: Shoe size 37 - 40
  • Size M: Shoe size 40.5 - 44
  • Size L: Shoe size 44.5 - 47
  • Size XL: Shoe size 47.5+


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